Sunrise Media’s Summer Vacation 2016: The Journeys of Love

Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, Sunrise Media Joint-stock Company’s Labour Union arranged summer vacation for the staff in the coastal city called Nha Trang and Cua Lo Beach in the midst of June.

The vacation is an annual activities for all staff members after the hard-working days. It is also a bridge which connects and helps them share experience in the work and life.

Despite of busy work schedule  at the company, the staff members still adequately prepared for the journey in young Sunrise Media’s spirit “Work Hard, Play Hard”

 There  were a number of teambuilding activities such as “Sand Burrowing”, “Who Is The Most Skilful?” and “Who Is The Fastest?“ in the beautiful and sunny full-of-laugh beach. In addition, the Gala Dinner drew members of Sunrise family closer to each other.

The Summer Vacation 2016 of Sunrise Media’s staff, though being short, was the wonderful memory for them about happy moments with friends, colleagues and family. Saying farewell to the relaxing moment, the staff members went back to work with enthusiasm to complete their tasks and make a contribution to the development of the company. 

Some memorable moments of Sunrise Media’s staff on Summer Vacation:


“Sand Burrowing” game and the challenge for the big-belly men

This man was so skillful

Play with every effort

Bright smiles of three teams in teambuilding games

Shy smiles of Sunrise Media’s girls


Gala Dinner of Sunrise Media’s family

And taking photos in Ho Chi Minh’s hometown


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