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A Large Number of Visitors Came to Sunrise Media’s Booth at Telefilm 2016

The fourth Vietnam International Exhibition on Film and Television Technology – Telefilm 2016 – was opened on July, 13th with larger space and better content. This was also the fourth time Sunrise Media

Birthday Party for “Sunrisers” in July

“Life is too short to be indifferent to” – these popular lyrics formulate a prevailing philosophy: since each person’s life,...

Sunrise Media’s Summer Vacation 2016: The Journeys of Love

Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, Sunrise Media Joint-stock Company’s Labour Union arranged summer vacation for the staff...

Celebratory birthday party in June at Sunrise Media

Here comes June with random weather. Hanoi is fulfill with colorful flower: flamboyant, lotus and Lagerstroemia In...

International Children Day in Sunrise Media

The event was organized on Children Day in the aim of gather all staffs children, create joyful atmosphere after a long school year and start a happy and memorial summer.

Celebratory birthday party in May at Sunrise Media

While bright beams of sunlight in May beckoned everyone to visit lovely beaches, SUNRISE Media’s staff members were looking forward to sending congratulations at the birthday party of their colleagues.