Room decorating competition on 20 October

On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day on 20 October, the board of directors of the company had launched a room decorating competition to every department. All departments had been preparing for this since the beginning of the month with financial assistance of the leaders. This was not only a contest for each department, but also a joyful event for every single individual.

This was also an opportunity for everyone to come closer together, as well as a good time for people to demonstrate the power of solidarity in the group.

From the very morning on 13 October, all departments had completed the final decorative work. At 9 am, the board of directors started to go and check.

The Script Writer Department won the first prize with the topic “Sunrise in the fall” and an undisputed presentation.

The second prize belonged to "Editorial Department" with the dream flower vases hung on every window frames.

"Administrative Department" was awarded the third prize for their neat, tidy and careful decoration in details.

Let’s see the works of other departments in the company:


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