Mid-Autumn Festival with Sunrisers’ descendants

With the desire of bringing a happy traditional Mid-Autumn Festival to the children, on 7 Sep 2014 (14 Aug of lunar calendar), the Labor Union of Sunrise Media JSC held “Đêm hội Trăng Rằm” (full-moon night) program, with a focus on Unicorn-Lion-Dragon dances taking place in the front yard of East Tower, Hancorp building, No.72 Tran Dang Ninh (Cau Giay, Hanoi).

In the throbbing drum beats, about a hundred young children and teenagers, both from Sunrise members’ family and neighboring areas, gathered around to not only directly watch mesmeric Unicorn-Lion-Dragon dances but also join the dances together by forming the tail of the animals. Continuous laughs and joyful looks were the unforgettable memories throughout the show.

"Do you love watching the dances? Have you ever watched them before?" – “I really love it! Last year, my mom and I watched the dances on the street, but it was so crowded that I couldn’t see anything. This time in mom’s company, I can even run after the lion,” excitedly boasted a little girl when being asked.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chairperson of Labor Union said: "Under the guidance of the leadership, we strongly desire to organize the Mid-Autumn Festival in order to bring a cozy and meaningful holiday to Sunrisers’ descendants. Through the event, we hope they would understand the value and meaning of this festival as well as other traditional activities in Vietnam. This is also a great playground for the children after school, which encourages them to learn harder and become excellent students, as Uncle Ho’s wishes. Moreover, this is a good opportunity to bring the kids together and make Sunrise become their home.”"



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