SUNRISE OPEN CUP 2015: The invitee team Sumpharma unexpectedly became the champion

Fc Sumpharma unexpectedly but convincingly beat FC HR & Administrative – the champion of last year league in the final match of SUNRISE OPEN CUP 2015 on October, 1st.

In this league, all teams have been so eager to win the championship. They are FC HR & Administrative, FC Technical,  FC Sumpharma and FC Artists.

After unbeaten run, FC Sumpharma  entered final match in the hearty cheers of their fans with the elegant style of strong defense, facing FC HR & Administrative with the individual and dynamic style.

FC Sumpharma in red and FC HR & Administrative in green

Two teams gave one another handshakes before the final match

On the first haft, because of continual mistakes, FC HR & Administrative had to pay the cost of conceding two goals.

The first goal of FC Sumpharma

On the second half, FC HR & Administrative took more cautious in retreating defenders to protecting its goal. Every effort was rewarded, in the mid of second half, a goal was scored for FC HR & Administrative. But in the 87th minute, FC HR & Administrative was trounced 3-1 by FC Sumpharma . At that moment, both FC Sumpharma team members and their fans understood that the championship was in their hands.

Some precious moments of SUNRISE OPEN CUP 2015’s final match

FC Sumpharma with strong defense

Both of them were trying to get the ball fiercely.

Bright smiles of FC Sumpharma team members – the new champions

The Organizing Committee awarded the cup to the champion

10: The league ended with unforgettable moments




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