Television programs production

TV programs production is a strength which affirms Sunrise Media’s first place in media industry of Vietnam.

In terms of technology, Sunrise Media owns a state-of-the-art adequate technical means including full-HD camera, filmmaking system, sound system, recording studio of international standard and spacious and professional studio with capability of setting different kinds of programs.

In terms of staff members, the technician team of Sunrise Media is well-trained and often sent to advanced and professional training courses in both domestic and foreign areas. Sunrise Media has talented and creative cameramen, experienced directors, professional editors and production managers who love their job.

Sunrise Media have short-term and long-term contract with senior actors on a regular basis such as Meritorious Artist Tran Nhuong, Chieu Xuan, Quoc Anh, Ba Anh, Diem Huong and other talented young actors who are popular among the audience.

With those advantages, Sunrise Media is confident of being a professional TV production entity with programs namely Qua Tang Cuoc Song (Gifts of Life) and Xa Xi Chet (Laugh Your Stress Away) broadcast on VTV3, Danh Ngon Cuoc Song (Quotes and Life) broadcast on VTV1, Tieu Diem Y Te (Health Focus) and Thong Diep Thoi Gian (Messages of Time) broadcast on HTV7 and Khoanh Khac Ky Dieu (Wonderful Moments) broadcast on HTV7 and TV9 and many programs on other local broadcasters.

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