Why choosing S.U.N RISE?

Why choosing S.U.N RISE?

Why choosing S.U.N RISE?

Why S.U.N RISE MEDIA is the best choice for you

Professional work environment:

S.U.N RISE MEDIA always gives prominence to the solidarity in the company’s community and encourages teamwork spirit as well as creativity.

We believe that “People are the most important resources that determine the development of the company”; therefore, we always pay much attention to building corporate culture associated with human factor, thus inspiring every employee to work efficiently and enjoy their work.

Career development opportunities:

We always promote LEARNING culture: learn everytime and everywhere, learn from your colleagues and even learn from your rivals. S.U.N RISE MEDIA regularly organizes professional training sessions for employees and at the same time facilitates employees to attend professional courses, management courses and so on, to improve their capacity, thus meeting their work requirements.

In order to attract more talents, we also create a challenging work environment, give opportunities to all those who have big ambitions, enable them to maximize their capacity and achieve their goals.

Good compensation and benefit policy:

S.U.N RISE MEDIA is one of the media companies in Vietnam with the best pay and benefit policy. At the same time, however, our compensation policy is highly competitive, providing good conditions for individuals who actively work and make great contributions to earn well-deserved income.

Every employee who performs well or even exceeds work’s targets and earn good achievements will be recognized by a reward policy. This is also an opportunity for them to be offered a higher position with more responsibility, challenges and better income.

In addition to compensation and benefit offers, S.U.N RISE MEDIA also takes good care of our employees' mental lives. We organize beneficial after-work activities for employees such as football, badminton, tennis, musical performances together with numerous exciting events on holidays such as Women’s Day (March 3th and October 20th), Children’s Day (June 1st), Mid-Autumn Festival or summer vacations. All these activities are opportunities for employees and their families to meet, exchange and build up love under S.U.N RISE MEDIA family.

Compensation and care policy for employees at SUN RISE MEDIA is developed with the main purpose of attracting and encouraging talented people to stick loyally and devote themselves to the sustainable development of the company.