Vision – Missions – Core Values

Vision – Missions – Core Values

S.U.N RISE MEDIA Corporation actively operated in the field  of animation production, TV series production, advertisement production, gameshow production, TV series acquisition and TV advertising services.

After 10 years of establishment , S.U.N RISE MEDIA is not only strongly developing in its  scale and human resources but also becoming a leading animation and TV series producer and reputable advertising service provider.

The reason for those achievement is that from the early days , S.U.N RISE MEDIA has set its own business goals and philosophy and has since stayed loyal to that direction during its creation and development.

  1. Vision

By 2020, become one of the leading animation/TV series/gameshow producer, TV series acquisition company and advertising service provider in Vietnam.

  1. Our goals 
    • Improving technology and product quality
    • Focusing on customers and taking every effort to satisfy their needs
    • Being active, creative and making use of every resource

  1. Missions
    • With community: “Improving spiritual life of Vietnamese”
    • With customers: “Producing Valuable and high-quality programs”
    • With partners: “Cooperating for mutual development”
    • With staff members: “Listening and sharing”
  1. Core Values
    • High-quality products and services
    • Creativity and Technology Integration
    • Cooperating and sharing
    • Resonate value