Tim surprisingly announced as one of the judges in seek of “Miss Perfect” of the Year

Tim surprisingly announced as one of the judges in seek of “Miss Perfect” of the Year

After the success of "Mr. Perfect," the "reverse" version for ladies called "Miss Perfect” is now officially launched.

Gentlemen having not only beautiful appearance but also the perfection of both mind and soul brought a dramatic competition to fire. Continuing the success of “Mr. Perfect", Sunrise Media Joint-stock Company decided to launch a "reverse" version for ladies called "Miss Perfect". The show is broadcast at 21:30 every Thursday on HTV7, starting from Sept 14th, 2017.

In each episode, five contestants who are selected from hundreds of Ladies throughout the country will take part in a very tough fight where the results will be decided by a panel of judges and more than 500 male spectators in the studio. In a valuable time of nearly an hour, the ladies will have to prove the gentlemen that they are truly the "gifts" God has sent to this world.

4 round of challenge in seek of a Perfect Lady

Round 1 – Femininity Challenge: Ladies have to prove their feminine, loveable and charming sides.

Round 2 – Mind Challenge: Ladies have to show their intelligence and sensitive mind via different abilities: memorizing ability, thinking ability or problem solving ability etc.

Round 3 - Life Challenges: Ladies will be placed in the most common situations in life and have to offer solutions from their personal point of view, for example: when your boyfriend had an affair, your father wants to divorce your mother to marry another woman...

Final round – Ms. Perfect Challenge: 3 Ladies will face the three judges and deal with unfinished sentences. In this round, Ladies have to show all the qualities and abilities that are all about femininity, intelligence and personal views for their daily lives. Finally, after all 4 rounds, the Best Person will become "Miss Perfect" of the Week.

100 million VND prize for “Miss Perfect” of the Week

“Miss Perfect”, right after being launched, will definitely cause shock because it will be one of the show with the biggest prize currently. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Loan - Sales Director of the production company - told the press: "We are delighted that compared to the competition for men, the competition for ladies has received a lot of attention and favour from sponsors. At present, the total prize for the winner of the week is 105 million dong and the prize for the champion of the year comes up to 1 billion dong”. Thus, the program will promise a fiery competition to become the champion of the year and shine in the position of the most “Perfect Lady” in Vietnam in 2018.

However, “Ms. Perfect” is not a beauty contest to reward the most beautiful. The main idea of the program is to find a girl - a woman with full beauty both in her mind and appearance. Mrs. Do Thi Thanh Huong – General Director of the program and Production Director of the program said: "The girl honored as "Ms. Perfect"will be a girl who has enough courage to spread her beautiful soul and wisdom to other people. Not only is “Ms. Perfect” a game show for entertainment, it is also a contest to honor the beauty of Vietnamese women.

Eliminations that cause contestants to be thrilled and “totally wet”

The elimination method used in "Miss Perfect" is extremely thrilling, impressive and distinctive. It is the water pour in a chamber full of flowers. The meaning of this elimination is: A women is the most sexy and charming when they have a bath. So, in small sections full of roses, we will help the Ladies become more attractive and more charming in the eyes of all gentlemen before having to say goodbye.

Audiences will be half laughing and half crying when witnessing all the ladies overcome their limits. The program promises to break down barriers of prejudice about the weaker sex, bringing both contestants and audiences many aspects of emotions: from anxiety, worry to surprise and total excitement. With its meaningful, humane, brand-new and interesting content, the program promises to draw much attention and support from audiences.

Gentlemen with unique personalities and good manners to be in the Panel of Judges

“Miss Perfect” attracts the participation of various leading artists, actors and models as judges including Tim (Singer – actor), Trinh Tu Trung (actor), Hoang Anh (actor – supermodel), Ha Tri Quang (actor), Bao Kun (singer)....

Especially, a gentlemen in the Top5 of “Mr. Perfect” will be included in the Panel of judges for “Miss Perfect”. They will deliver humorous remarks about the ladies as well as contribute to the final decision of which ladies to be eliminated, which ladies to move the next round

Hoang Rapper – a witty MC causing “limitless crimes

Musician - singer - MC Hoang Rapper is the MC of the show. With his charm and intelligence as a humorous and witty public speaker, Hoang Rapper has left a unique impression on the program "Mr. Perfect 2017"; and with "Miss Perfect" this time, he continues to lead the game, which will definitely satisfy even the most demanding audience.

The spectacular and modern design of the stage, the constantly changed challenges which cause dramatic moments, the intense competition as well as the nervous expressions for fear of being "poured" water unexpectedly all contribute to increase the hotness level of the program the player's surprise. has pushed the program hotness to the highest.