Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Sustainable development


During 10 years of inception and development (2007-2017), S.U.N RISE MEDIA has had impressive achievements and become one of the reputable animation and TV program producers in Vietnam. At the moment, we are taking efforts in conquering other fields in TV advertising services  namely TV entertainment programs, reality shows, TV series acquisition with the goal of becoming Top Ten Largest Media Company in Vietnam.

S.U.N RISE MEDIA believes that in order to achieve long-term success, we must focus on audience and readers and produce what the public need instead of what Sunrise Media has.

Overcoming challenges

In this era of digital explosion, media industry brings about many benefits for the community but facing certain challenges. Recently, global media is experiencing dramatic and ongoing changes in TV and animations. In order to catch up with global trends, we must take ongoing efforts to change and create differences and diversity of products.

Business development linked with social responsibility

During its 10 years of inception and development, S.U.N RISE MEDIA set its goal to become one of the leading animation/TV producers in Vietnam by 2020. Seeing opportunities and challenges of the media industry, the company set its course to harmonize all aspects, linking business goals with social responsibility for a sustainable development.

S.U.N RISE MEDIA’s sustainable development orientation focuses on these main points:

+ Responsibilities with the products: Providing high-quality products, always creating new values to constantly enhance people’s mental life.

+ Change and creativity: The ever-expanding  development of modern media industry requires from S.U.N RISE MEDIA ongoing changes to meet the public’s needs. Besides products that make our brand, we continue entering into new areas  namely reality TV and animation,  trying to make them  one of the company’s strengths.

+ Partners/clients: S.U.N RISE MEDIA commits to providing  the best products to customers and enhances long-term cooperation between the company and related parties to bring benefits to the society together.

+ Staff members: Creating a professional and active work environment to encourage individual creativity as well as bring them satisfaction on work environment, ensuring that their income level matches their ability.

+ Community and society: We understand that sustainability goes with creation of true value for future generations, continuous  improvement of material and spiritual values since it is the only way to bring increase on benefits and guarantee future success.

Defining ourselves as a corporation that produces animations and TV programs containing  educational and moral lessons as well as entertainment value, S.U.N RISE MEDIA has built popular brand with every family through programs typical of Vietnamese identity with stories about life lessons, healthy living experiences or  funny stories about family bond.

With professional work style generating from burning passion with television sector, S.U.N RISE MEDIA will continue its sustainable development in the future, especially with the increasing demand for  TV entertainment programs along with strong development of TV licensing.