Photos of Mid Autumn Festival 2017 at S.U.N RISE MEDIA

Photos of Mid Autumn Festival 2017 at S.U.N RISE MEDIA

Following Vietnamese tradition, whenever it comes to mid-August of Lunar Calendar, S.U.N RISE Media enjoys an exciting atmosphere of organizing Mid-Autumn Festival for employees’ children.

With the desire to bring children a Mid-Autumn Festival filled with joy and laughter, the Labour Union in collaboration with the Department of HR and Administration at S.U.N RISE Media organized a warm, joyful and impressive “Moon Night for children".

This year's "Moon Night for Children" event is held on the first floor of Trong Dong Place, 72 Tran Dang Ninh Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. It attracted the attention of many people living in the neighborhood as well as passersby.

More than 200 children and their parents had a fun and emotional evening. They were given gifts of intelligent toys, pretty lanterns and various other interesting autumn presents by Cuoi and Hang Nga – two famous characters in Vietnam’s Mid-Autumn fairy tales.

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival program was impressively planned with fascinating performances such as Dragon Dance, performances by artists from the National Circus including riding monkeys, monkeys playing with ball ... Especially the appearance of a magician, a clown and Chu Teu (a joker in Vietnamese water puppetry) who came up the stage and gave interesting talks with the children made the night more exciting than ever.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is held annually for the children of S.U.N RISE’s staff; however, the event is planned differently each year with creative and dramatic scenarios to give the children a memorable and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival. For the children to have the opportunity to connect and get closer, the organizing committee "purposely" organized the program as a useful playground, encouraging all children to show their talents. That’s why there are a lot of games and performances done by the children themselves.

On the behalf of the Company’s Board of Directors, a representative of S.U.N RISE’s Labour Union said: “We always give top priority to events for children. We hope the care and attention of the leaders of the Company to the material and mental life of all employees will be a motivation, encouraging them to continue working loyally and contributing to the Company and to consider S.U.N RISE as their second home”.

Some memorable images from “Moon Night For Children at S.U.N RISE MEDIA:

The opening performance of “Moon Night For Children” – a circus trick by clever and loveable Monkeys

Kids show their excitement when seeing Dragon characters

A thrilling magic performance attracting all kids’ attention

“Bla Ble” dance performance by Doan Khanh Linh, a 4-year-old

Chi Hang gives presents to winners in physical games

The “Moon Night For Children” finishes with Lantern show as well as cake and candy celebration joined by two colourful Dragons

An event filled with joy and laughter for all children and their parents