Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

The story began in 2007 when an animation producing company  was created by the founders with the dream of becoming a leading animation studio in Vietnam.

Along the rough road from the beginning, we continuously find the way for the long-held dream. S.U.N RISE Media Corporation was born, and during 10 years, that dream has become a reality. With the philosophy of “big journey starts from small steps”, we pride ourselves on the lively and lovely animations with touching stories which become a unique brand, an identifying feature  of S.U.N RISE MEDIA.

 S.U.N RISE MEDIA from early days

The animated TV series Qua Tang Cuoc Song (Gifts of Life) started broadcasting  on 2008  and has been listed as Top Ten Best Programs of Vietnam Television since then, which confirms our vision from early days. It has been received and loved by TV audiences. Qua Tang Cuoc Song is proud of being a leading program and making contribution to the complete change of the Vietnamese animation sector. Following that  success, other animated programs such as Danh Ngon Cuoc Song (Quotes and Life), Khoanh Khac Ky Dieu (Wonderful Moments) and Xa Xi Chet (Laugh Your Stress Away) were born and gained good impression.

S.U.N RISE MEDIA’s representative in honor of receiving  Certificate of Recognition for VTV’s Top Ten Best Programs

We are proud that the company’s development always goes hand in hand with the development of human resources. We have about 300 staff members and contributors all over the country including  scriptwriters, artists (storyboard artists, animators, in-between artists and colouring artists), post-production technicians, editors, accountants , sales, HR, marketing and international cooperation staff. We consider human resources as the most precious asset of our company, and staff  training and development as strategy for future success. Therefore, S.U.N RISE MEDIA’s staff always enjoy the chance to be trained and improve their skills and knowledge in order to meet demands and challenges at work and becoming professional in their field. Training courses on expertise and skills as well as practical training sessions  are usually organized with staff members in Vietnam and other countries.

In addition, with the advantage of a media company and TV producer, we always take every effort to create a friendly and open work environment in order that each staff member shows their creativity, potential ability and inspiration at work.