Legal Executive

Legal Executive

Sunrise Media Corporation is looking for a Legal Executive:


- Advising and counselling the Board of Directors and other departments of the company on legal affairs of the company's activities;

- Working directly with consulting agencies and administrative governmental bodies;

- Supporting and advising on legal matters related to the company's activities;

- Develop and complete documents in accordance with the law;

- Updating and keeping records of legal documents related to the company’s business;

-  Studying, drafting and completing all legal documents, official dispatch, decisions and economic contracts of the company;

- Drafting and implementing procedures for changing and supplementing the company's legal documents and permits at functional agencies.

- More specific details to be discussed during interviews.


Salary: 7-15 million VND per month (depending on individual’s competency)



- Bachelor’s Degree or above in Law majors from Hanoi Law University, Vietnam National University, Foreign Trade University, National Economics University.

- Have a thorough knowledge about theories of law. At least 2 years of work experience in similar position.

- Good command of English


- Dynamic and professional work environment

- Career advancement opportunities

- Insurance coverage and leave entitlements in compliance with Labour Laws

- One company retreat per year