About S.U.N RISE

About S.U.N RISE

About S.U.N RISE

During 10 years of establishment and development (2007-2017),S.U.N RISE has taken every effort to become one of the leading media companies in Vietnam in the field of animation production, TV series production, advertisement production, gameshow production, TV series acquisition and TV advertising services.

S.U.N RISE MEDIA’s staff members

Animation production is S.U.N RISE’s outstanding  strength. The quantity and quality of S.U.N RISE’s animations enjoy a steady increase and considerable enhancement through the years.TV audience love S.U.N RISE’s animations because of their educational and moral lessons. The most remarkable success is that “Qua Tang Cuoc Song” (Gifts of Life) was given the Certificate of Recognition for VTV’s Top Ten Best Programs by Director General of Vietnam Television.

S.U.N RISE is experienced in providing TV services such as TV programs production, reality show production, TV entertainment production, TV series acquisition, to name but a few. S.U.N RISE currently owns the most professional equipment and device systems as well as studios in Vietnam. In addition, with creative editors, scriptwriters, directors, camera and post-production crews and experienced designers, S.U.N RISE can meet the most demanding production and service requirements of broadcasters and customers.

S.U.N RISE’s special TV programs currently on air include:

  • “Qua Tang Cuoc Song” (Gifts of Life) – the animated TV series broadcast daily at 22:15 on VTV3, Vietnam Television.
  • “Xa Xi Chet” (Laugh Your Stress Away) broadcast daily at 7:45 on VTV3, Vietnam Television.
  • “Danh Ngon Cuoc Song” (Quotes and Life)- the animated TV series broadcast daily at 20:30 on VTV1, Vietnam Television
  • “Khoanh Khac Ky Dieu” (Wonderful Moments) - the animated TV series broadcast daily at 20:50 on HTV7, Hochiminh City Television
  • “Thong Diep Thoi Gian” (Time’s Message) - the animated TV series broadcast daily at 20:05 on HTV7, Hochiminh City Television
  • “Tieu Diem Y Te” (Health Focus) broadcast daily at 18:20 on HTV9, Hochiminh City Television
  • “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc” (Happy House) broadcast at 20:54, every Monday and Saturday on VTV2
  • “Quy Ong Hoan Hao” (Mister Perfect) - the gameshowbroadcast at 22:00 every Saturday on HTV7
  • “Bi Mat Cay Cau Cu” (The Secret of Old Bridge) – the drama series broadcast daily at 23:15 on VTV2

In the area  of television commercialsS.U.N RISE is reputable in providing TV advertisment booking services all over the country. S.U.N RISE is always chosen by customers because of high discounts which help them save their expenses considerably. With the advantage of being a VTV’s producer in a long time, S.U.N RISE secures the best advertising time slots. Moreover, well-trained and knowledgeable booking staff of S.U.N RISE are certain to  give customers whatever advice  they need to achieve the highest effectiveness.

In the area  of airport advertising, S.U.N RISE is the only corporation that owns the billboards and trolleys in every big or small airport all over the country such as Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Noi Bai International Airport, Da Nang Airport, Cat Bi Airport, Phu Bai Airport and so on. S.U.N RISE provides advertising service not only in big airports but also in small airports with strategic locations as important tourism, cultural and historical destinations namely Phu Quoc Airport, Con Dao Airport, Dien Bien Airport. The abilities to provide products and services in a broad range enable S.U.N RISE to be the first corporation to own billboard system in all big and small airports in Vietnam.

With young, professional, enthusiastic and creative staff members, S.U.N RISE will continue expanding further  and open the door to cooperation with companies in Vietnam and all over the world. Over the years, S.U.N RISE has been a good companion of many important partners such as Vietcombank, Agribank, SeAbank, Eximbank, Sacombank, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group, Traphaco Joint-stock Company, Sum Pharma to make a contribution to the creation and development of customers’ brand.

Over the last 10 years, S.U.N RISE has enjoyed strong developments to be proud ofS.U.N RISE’s staff will continue their efforts to be worthy of becoming one of the leading animation producer, TV series producer, TV commercials and gameshow producer, TV series acquisition and TV commercials service provider in Vietnam.